What is REGI?

Real Estate Global Investors (REGI) is a security token and a decentralized platform for
investment in residential, commercial, industrial, land and finance mortgages which will
allow token holders to become owners of real estate in any part of the world. All project
partners on the REGI platform will be able to buy Real Estate, goods, and services for
XLPG until all agreements are in place with real estate partners, and there are clear and
specific conditions on which the real estate proposition is made.
In the meantime, our goal is to offer a compelling solution and product, build trust with
token holders and become known for good execution, growth, and adding value to

What is the “Total supply” of Real Estate Global Investors (REGI)?
The total supply of REGI is 930K. There will only ever be 930,000 REGI tokens in