XLPG Token Distribution to FHR

XLPG Token Distribution to FHR
(FHR just stands for Founding Hodler Registry). FHR wallet is your wallet address to receive your XLPG tokens when you first purchased them during our first token sales until June 30th, 2020.

What is the meaning of founding hodler?
XLPG founding hodlers are the people who bought XLPG tokens directly from our token sales to help build XLPG. Hodl is a term meaning “hold,” in cryptocurrency . It’s member who keeps their cryptocurrency instead of buying and selling them quickly .

What Should I do to be a member of the FHR?
The FHR is accepting new members. First you have to buy XLPG tokens during our first token sales until June 30th, 2020, or you can NOT be a member of the FHR. BUT If you did, your wallet address in STELLAR platform is your identification and you are automatically become a member.

What if I change my FHR address?
NO, YOU CAN NOT. We can NOT change the wallet addresses in the FHR for the security of the members who are still using those wallets.
which means the FHR wallet is the ONLY identification in STELLAR platform will be used in our system.

In July of 2020, XLPG will promise a large token distribution to the XLPG FHR in Q3 and Q4 of 2020. This would benefit all FHR members helped build XLPG , who purchased XLPG tokens , and then held them to help XLPG retain its value.