Stellarpayglobal (XLPG) is now conducting a token swap for xlb holders. To make this as painless and rewarding for users all you need to do is follow these very simple steps.

Send all of your XLB tokens to this address:

Make sure to cancel your orders on Stellarport/Stellarterm/Interstellar before sending your tokens.

Add trustline XLPG
Send us your address via email. Do not use exchange addresses.

Send your address and amount of XLB tokens you sent to our email – support@stellarpayglobal.com

Note : 

  • You’re required to send XLB from 8/12/2019 to 15/12/2019

  • XLB bought from 20 October 2019 is not eligible for swap.

  • The amount of xlb =$0.10 for 1 XLPG.
  • Any cheating account will not receive XLPG. (XLB) will be refunded back to the account/address.

  • You’re required to use only one account/address. XLB divided into many accounts will be disqualified.

We will do the rest. No need to fill out any forms.